About Intelligent Lighting Systems

A sensitive, intelligent lighting system utilizing the traditional IT infrastructure, adjusting precisely to your working needs. A single network to control all your building technology. With the smartengine technology, we offer a lighting solution which is able to feel and think independently. The system is based on a fine mesh sensor network, including lamps with a smart-sensor which measures motion, brightness and temperature. The collected information is processed within the smartengine and therefore ensures a continuous dim process at each lamp. The smartengine supplies each lamp with the exact amount of energy to achieve the desired brightness. Exactly where light is needed.

Within the process the system uses IT infrastructure and connects the centralized smartengine with the smartsensor and the light via a data cable, which transfers power and data. The smartengine technology and corresponding smart components “feel” what is needed in your building to act independently, accurately and efficiently. The handling of the system is simple and works intuitively via our smart tapps. Web-based and location-independent. The smartengine adapts on individual requirements. And that at maximum sustainability and for the preservation of valuable resources


  • Maximum Energy savings
  • Highly Efficient
  • Up to 90% reduction in energy costs
  • Minimal Consumption
  • No excess heat is produced in ceiling
  • Very low power consumption
  • Little or no heat load
  • Simple and safe – safety class 111
  • Easy to design and install
  • Easy to operate
  • Extraordinary ROI
  • Average consumption 1-2 watts per sq mtr
  • Little or no maintenance costs


  • Sensor based individual control of each fixture
  • DC Power Supply for each fixture via CPU enables timed dimming of individual lights
  • Automated control permanently optimizes daily demand for energy
  • Monitors movement, daylight and room temperature via a line-meshed network of sensors
  • Integration of sensors in to other facility automation systems
  • One data cable per fixture for sensor data and power supply
  • One universal network for all IP-based devices
  • Reliability through redundant patching fixtures
  • Central plug & play lighting management system through web based interface
  • Open platform (API) for connecting various facility management systems
  • Control via smart devices (apps)
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • Data security through encryption
  • Pioneering technology for efficient building control.